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Oct 26, 2011

World Premiere!

Brother Nathan talks about the very first Brother Act performance at the Pheasantry, in London's swanky King's Road, on Thursday the 13th of October.
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oh, it's been a little while since I tapped away at the keyboard to produce one of these blogs, and in the excitement of our show, I totally forgot!  But I'm getting ahead of myself... Back to the beginning.

The week before last, on the 13th of October, Brothers Ian, Jem and I were busy getting ready for our first ever performance.  At least, it was our first performance together outside the monastary.

It was terribly exciting!

We had no idea whether people would like what we were doing; whether people would like us, in fact!

Before the performance, there was a lot of hustle and bustle as we all got ready.  We had a little bit of time doing what I am told is called a "soundcheck", where people who twiddle  knobs in the darkness made sure that the audience would be able to hear us ok.

We than had a meeting with our wonderful designer, Geri Spencer, who had brought our brand new habits for us to try on.  I must say, we all felt very swish indeed.  They looked wonderful, and are much less scratchy than our old ones!

We had quite a lot of waiting around to do, as we were the fourth act of the evening.  The first of which was a delightful young lady called Melody-Jane Faulkner, who treated us to a selection of songs from the old days, including some lovely Judy Garland stuff.

Next up was a newcomer to the Cabaret scene, rather like ourselves, called Vicky Mason.  She has a wonderfully big powerful voice, and sang somgs that many of the audience there were delighted to hear - I think they must be quite well-known (sometimes I think that I really must get in touch with what the outside world is doing more).

After Vicky, came a lady called Helena Gostosa. Well, I think it was a lady.  To be honest I wasn't really sure, but she certainly had hair and jewellery like a lady's, but a gruff voice, and very large hairy hands.  She sang some songs that she had written herself.  I'm sure they were very good, and a lot of people were laughing, but even though I didn't understand what they were about, they made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

And then it was our turn. The wonderful host for the evening, Jamie Anderson, introduced us, and the crowd all started clapping!  There was no turning back! 

The act went so well, I can't tell you!  We sang our little hearts out, and danced our little sandals off. 

It was an important night for us, and it really paid off.  People really seemed to go mad for our little show, and everyone afterwards said how much fun they'd had.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I can't wait to get on stage again sometime very soon.

I didn't know it was possible to have that much fun all in one go!

Some very nice people filmed the show for us, and you can see some highlights of it on a website called YouTube.  Apparently, all you have to do is click with your mouse on the following words: watch video here

So I very much hope we'll see you all at one of our gigs in the near future.  We had fun, and we want to share it with you, so keep checking back for more details about where you can see us in action.  Or join our newsletter, and we'll send you information as soon as it becomes available.

With much Brotherly love,
Brother Nathan