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Sep 21, 2011

We Have a Brand New Twitter Name!

Brother Nathan has shown some wonderful investigative skills, in tracking down, and making contact with a certain lady in Germany. 

Read on to find out the whole story...
Posted by: brotheract

ell, with the utmost gratitude to the very kind lady in Germany who has made it happen, we now have a brand new, all-improved Twitter name!

If you were following us on Twitter before, you'll know that our username was @TheBrotherAct. (And if you WEREN'T following us before, why not?). Although this name was all very well, it did lead to a bit of confusion: a couple of times, when people very kindly mentioned us on Twitter, we got referred to as @BrotherAct, which although sweet, wasn't going to help people find us.

So why, we hear you ask, didn't you choose the name @BrotherAct in the first place?
It's a good question.

Let's have the full story, shall we?

When our illustrious Brothers were first putting their act together, they listened to the advice of people working in the entertainment industry, and from every direction, they heard the same words: "You've GOT to be on Twitter!" Naturally, they took this advice, and very good advice it has turned out to be(!), and turned to the social networking site to sign up with an account.

Imagine their horror, and dismay, then, when they realised that the name @BrotherAct was already taken! Not to be deterred, they chose the name @TheBrotherAct, and happily started tweeting.

Brother Nathan got curious.

He had discovered that there is a band in Germany called Brother Act, and they already use the website address (Have a little look to see what theya re up to!) That was why OUR brothers' web address is

Brother Nathan assumed that perhaps the Twitter account was being used by the same band.
Looking at the account, he was surprised to learn that it was owned, not by a band, but by a lady. A German lady, to be sure, but that appears to be simply coincidence.

"Oh well," he thought, "Someone else is using it, we'd better just move on."

Then he noticed that this lady only had one follower, and was only following one person. He also saw that she had never sent a single tweet!


This changed everything. Perhaps she wasn't using the account at all, and it was just sitting there, dormant. This became an even more irksome situation than it had been before.

Without sending an "@" tweet to the account, there was no way of getting in touch, and if the account wasn't being used, it was very unlikely that any enquiry would ever be seen. But the knowledge that the name was just there, unused, yet tantalisingly out of reach was almost painful!
Brother Nathan ground his teeth, and tried not to think about it for a few months. The nagging thought at the back of his mind - if ONLY - wouldn't go away.

He went back for a second look.

This time, he noticed that the follower, and the followee were in fact, the same account: a business somewhere in Germany, with a web address on their Twitter page.

Perhaps the lady in question, Julia Wenk worked for this company?

Brother Nathan started to get excited. He visited the company's website, and on their contact page, in VERY broken, half-remembered schoolboy German, explained that he was trying to track Julia down, wondered if she worked for them, and if so, could they ask her to get in touch?

It was a real shot in the dark.

He heard nothing.

Dispirited, he resigned himself to using the more confusing and less accurate Twitter name forever.

At least he had tried.

Then, out if the blue, the following email arrived:

"Dear Nathan, you asked for my eMail - address. I am not working for W**********. How can I help you?
Best regards,
Julia Wenk"

Julia Wenk!!!

Finally contact had been made!

Brother Nathan wasted no time.

He emailed her back, explaining all about the act that he and Brothers Jem & Ian were working on, and directing her to look at the website, so that she wouldn't think he was as mad as it all sounded, and very politely asking if she had any plans to start using the account in the future. If not, would there be any chance that she could cancel the account?

Amazingly, her reply came back within an hour or two, saying that yes of course she wouldn't mind giving the name to the Brothers, and wishing them all the best with the act!

So, after all this time, we're delighted to announce that Brother Act's official Twitter name is now simply @BrotherAct, and the old one is no more.

Brothers Nathan, Jem and Ian would like to send out their immense gratitude to Julia, for her kindness and understanding. They've told her that if she is ever in the UK when they are doing a show, they would love to invite her to come and see it as their guest.

Brother Nathan told me he really hopes she does, as he would love to thank her personally for her help.

It just goes to show, sometimes a shot in the dark, however futile it feels at the time, can have the best results.

Keep aiming high!