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Aug 24, 2011

Our First Ever Performance

Brother Nathan talks about exciting developments within the Brotherhood this week.
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ell, it's been a VERY exciting time at Brother Act Towers this week!

Not only have we started work on some new songs, and had great fun rehearsing our existing songs, we're also meeting with our very talented designer tomorrow.  Her name is Geri, and like Brother Jem, she hails from the other side of the World: Australia!  Tomorrow morning, our task is to make some decisions about the fabric she will be using to make our brand new habits.

She's been all over London, looking for just the right samples, and sadly drew a blank!  As it turns out, she's making some costumes for another production, and was talking to some nice people "oop Nerth" who specialise in making exactly the sort of material we're looking for.  They'll also dye it to the exact shade of brown we want!  Amazing!  Back in the monastry, we'd just have to put up with whatever material we were given, now matter how itchy and scratchy it was, or what colour!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.  I have every faith in Geri.  She certainly seems to know what she's doing, and it's good to know our habits are in safe hands.

Now, onto the REALLY exciting part of the week:

It's just been confirmed that our very first performance (I understand that people in the know call it a "gig") is going to be taking place at the Pheasantry, on London's famous King's Road in Chelsea, on Thursday 13th October.  We'll be performing about half an hour of our show, show it's a perfect little taster to whet your apetites for the full shebang, coming to a stage near you just as soon as we can get it sorted!

The Pheasantry is a wonderful cabaret location, and perfect for our first outing.  It's also a Pizza Express restaurant, so you can treat yourself to a good nosh while we sing to you!

We'll be on the bill with three other acts, and the evening is hosted by the wonderfully funny Jamie Anderson, so you're in for a varied and fun-packed evening, whichever way you look at it.

To book, either  visit the Pheasantry's website or call their booking line on 0845 6027 017.  (The booking line covers a range of venues, so make sure you choose the right option for the Pheasantry! - I'm informed it's option 8!) 

So there you are.  We've been frantically working behind the scenes for many months now, polishing up our songs, and making sure we can remember our dance steps (Yes, that's right - these monks dance!) so we're all really excited about unveiling our act for you all.  Please come and see us.

I've been particularly busy this week, working on some new music for us to sing.  I don't want to give too much away, but Whoopi Goldberg has a lot to answer for, is all I can say at the moment!

Stop back and say hello soon, and I look forward to seeing you on the 13th of October.

Bye for now!

Br. Nathan x

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