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Feb 19, 2011

Brother Jem's 1st Entry!

Brother Jem takes the opportunity to introduce himself and talk a bit about how the act is coming together.
Posted by: brotheract
ICTURE THIS………. A lone 60 watt bulb trying valiantly to shine and shed a revealing light on a grey day in south london……. A small room with one window looking out over a back lane……. A cheap electric piano picking out notes as the meager light from that bulb is reflected back from three shiny pates.

A sound is born. The sound of three monks singing. A glorious, rich, sexy sound. Yes that’s right, I said sexy……. You think monks cant be sexy? How little you know….

Something exciting is happening in London! Brother Act is being born….. Brother Ian, Brother Nathan and Brother Jem got together this week and started rehearsing for the show: and it’s going to be a good one!!! So far we’ve got classical harmonies, jazz harmonies, naughty lyrics, cutting edge choreography and so many more ideas forming.

Every week the show is becoming more solid and the numbers are taking shape….. next on our to-do list is photos! We want you to see us so you can get all frothed up with excitement about being able to see us in the sinful flesh soon! We are planning a photo shoot or two in various locations in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for some america’s-next-top-model-style monk action that will confirm to you how much you always fancied a man of the cloth.

Also….. don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@brotheract) so you can keep abreast (hee hee) of our daily adventures.

Bye for now,   Bro. Jem.  xxxx