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May 5, 2011

Allow Brother Ian to Introduce Himself

Brother Ian says hello, and talks a bit about life outside the abbey, and a trip to Dubai with a load of (unchaperoned!) nuns...
Posted by: brotheract
ello everyone!  

I'm Brother Ian and I am originally from the US but I just love living in the UK.  Everyone here is so warm and friendly and the weather is so beautiful and mild.  It certainly doesn't get nearly as cold as I'm used to!

I am slowly getting used to life outside of the Abbey - things are so different out here.  Every once in a while I have to escape to the garden, to get away from the craziness of the city.  But it is good to have time with my fellow Brothers.  It makes things a little easier.  And creating this music is such a fun way to pass the time.  We certainly are getting a lot of crazy music together - quite a bit of it I don't think the Abbot would approve!

We've actually had to take a little break from our rehearsing as I took a trip to Dubai for a bit.  I was doing a show there called The Sound of Music with a bunch of nuns.  It was quite a fun experience - those sisters know how to have a good time!  And Dubai was quite an experience too - so many people of many different cultures in one place.  And I have never seen so many shops and beautiful resorts.  As a friend of mine said - it's like Disney in the desert.

Now that I am back the Brothers and I can get back to our music - very exciting!

Well chat with you more soon...